John Shapcote Leaver  


Born 1815, Lewisham, London, Kent

Baptised 29 November 1787, St Luke’s, Finsbury, Middlesex.

He was the eldest son of William Henry Leaver and Sarah Elizabeth Shapcote.


Between the ages of 5 and 15 John lived in the Lewisham area of London.


John Shapcote Leaver  married Eliza Bartleet on the 7 January 1839 Tardgigg Parish Church.


Eliza was the daughter of William Bartleet - Needle Manufacturer - of an old Redditch family.

She was born on the 18th August 1818.



Children of John Shapcote Leaver and Eliza Bartleet :



1.  Thomas William Leaver


Born:  1839



2.  Eliza Sarah Leaver


Born:  1841



3.  Charles John Leaver


Born:  1843



4.  William Henry Leaver


Born:  1845



5.  Francis Cooper Leaver


Born:  1847



6.  Sarah Elizabeth Ann Leaver


Born:  1849



7.  Maude Emma Alice Leaver


Born:  July 1851



8.  Mary  Cooper Shapcote Leaver


Born:  1853



9.  Frances Maria Leaver


Born:  1855



10.  Francis Frederick Leaver


Born:  1857



11.  Georgina Helen Harriet Leaver


Born:  1861



John’s wife Eliza died on the 27th December 1879.



John Shapcote Leaver died on the 15th April 1886.



Obituary in “The Stratford-Upon-Avon Herald” dated Friday, 16 April, 1886


Death of Mr. J.S. Leaver - A gentleman well-known in this town and neighbourhood departed this life yesterday.  For many years Mr. Leaver has filled a prominent place in Stratford affairs.  He has occupied most of the principal offices of the town, being at the time of his death secretary to the Hospital, the Birthplace [i.e. the William Shakespeare Trust] the Savings Bank, Becher’s Benefit Society and other institutions.  Formerly he was the local representative of many newspapers and was quite ‘a free lance’ in this capacity.  Mr Leaver’s death was rather sudden.  Yesterday week he was in his usual health, and was seen taking exercise on his tricycle, but early on Friday morning he was seized by an apoplectic fit.  Mr. Lupton was instantly summoned, and although the case was considered a critical one, still hopes were entertained that Mr. Leaver’s constitution was strong enough to enable him to survive the attack.  Wednesday, however, a change manifested itself, and his death took place yesterday morning from congestion of the lungs.  The public positions he held brought the deceased into contact with a large number of people, all of whom could bear testimony to the assiduity and efficiency with which he discharged his onerous duties.  His cheerful spirits and ready wit made him an agreeable companion, and his well-known figure will be much missed in the town.  Mr. Leaver came to Stratford over forty years ago, and commenced life here in the work of education.


A family bible is held by “The Shakespeare Birthday Trust”, also a photograph of John Shapcote Leaver, and other documents relating to his various duties outlined in his obituary.





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