John Shapcote
Born approx 1739


His parents were John Shapcote and Rachel Sibbit.



John Shapcote, as did many of his family, joined the Royal Navy while just a lad in 1756 as a Seaman on board HMS Intrepid.


After a year and 4 months he was transferred to HMS Monarch - on which he served 1 year 7 months.


He then was made Midshipman to the HMS Conqueror where he gained 12 month's experience.


On 5th May 1762, at the age of 22, he passed as a Naval Lieutenant.


It is a little strange that he did not advance any further in rank.  16 years later he was commissioned as a Naval Lieutenant on

12 Jan  1778 - assigned to HMS Squirrel.  He is recorded on a naval document dated 15 Jan 1778 as being onboard HMS Squirrel in Falmouth, Cornwall and his Servant was his young son Peter John Shapcott.


10 years later he was working as a Naval Agent in Cork, Ireland, supervising the embarkation and landing of troops and marines in the port.


Next he made the Naval Agent for the Second Convict Fleet bound for the convict settlement of New South Wales, Australia.

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HMS Intrepid was a 64-gun third rate, previously the French ship Serieux. She was captured in 1747 and broken up by 1765.


The first HMS Monarch (1747) was a 74-gun third-rate ship of the line, originally the French Monarque, captured in 1747 at the second battle of Cape Finisterre, and sold in 1760. Admiral John Byng was executed on board in 1757.


HMS Conqueror was a 68-gun third-rate launched in 1758 and wrecked in 1760.


HMS Squirrel was a 20-gun sixth rate launched in 1755 and sold in 1783.








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